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pod200-1Apps are the greatest marketing tool available in the mobile and social networking arenas.

Pod200 is the name given to our app development division. The Pod200 team produce stunning apps for the ipod, iphone and ipad platforms as well as for the Android operating system. Pod200 is an approved Apple iOS Developer.

Apps allow a business to connect with a customer in a more personal way. With an app a business can be present in their customers lives wherever they take and access their device.

With years of experience and expertise in the technology market, the Pod200 team help clients plan for a successful move into the mobile arena. Our highly qualified developers ensure that projects run smoothly, fall within budget and meet client deadlines.

App development

Would you like an app designed for your business or organisation? If your answer is yes then Pod200 can provide a full development and support package as well as advice on how to best promote your app to your clients or within your organsiation. Apps can be designed to promote your event, inform your customers or merely for fun.


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