twohundredby200 have been developing brand strategies and helping to build brands since 2002.

Brand development strategies

An effective branding strategy will create a unique identity that differentiates you from the competition.

Developing a brand strategy can be one of the most difficult steps in the marketing plan process. It’s often the element that causes the biggest challenge, but it is vital in creating a company or event identity. Your brand identity will be communicated in multiple ways with frequency and consistency throughout the life of your business.

The impact  that your brand strategy makes must be compelling, attractive and unique compared to competitors. The brand impact must also be consistently reinforced throughout all levels of an organisation, from senior managers straight through to customer service staff and even your business partners. Building on the base values of a brand should be the core of any branding strategy.

Building a winning brand strategy

twohundredby200 work closely with our clients to guide them through the entire process of creating, positioning and enforcing their brand we do this by…

  • Researching the competition and target audience to assess the current market expectations.
  • Developing a brand promise / mission statement.
  • Developing a brand identity and brand usage guidelines.
  • Creating promotional and marketing materials that place your brand in the arena that will be best for your business
Working with you

We have found that it is often advantageous to get our clients employees involved with various aspects of creating a brand strategy.We host workshops and Q&A sessions with key members of operational staff.  These workshops allow us to further understand each client’s indivdual business.

From our Dunfermline based studio (just 20 mins North of Edinburgh in Fife), we can create branding that not only meets your expectations but exceeds them as well all.

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