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Fife Zoo aims to grow with a little help from the community.

The abandoned former animal park in Fife was bought by Briony Taylor and Michael Knight and they aim to turn it into the best little zoo in Scotland.

Fife Zoo will focus on fun, play and learning with children and adults being inspired to protect threatened habitats on their doorsteps, as well as around the globe. Their conservation and wildlife message is top priority and will be achieved by delivering excellent animal care and education standards.

The couple, with the help of their friends and family, have so far built a African themed cafe and jungle themed soft play centre on the site the income from which has been used to redevelop the site and support a small team of zoo staff. Their aim is to build a new, sustainable centre for education, science and wildlife conservation in the heart of Scotland.

The next phase…

To move the project on the next phase of development (the bit with the animals!) they need to obtain additional funding. To do this the team have turned to crowd funding to achieve their funding goal of £100,000.

The platform they have chosen is the UK based Crowdfunder which provides a flexible platform for the Zoo to reach their target. The Zoo team are offering an array of rewards to those who support them through the campaign or if supporter prefer they can simply make a donation through the portal instead.

You can help too!

If you would like to help Fife Zoo move on to the next phase of development you can do so by visiting

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