twohundredby200 are experts in the process of digitally restoring damaged and worn photographic images.


The twohundredby200 team have restored photographs from the early days of photography right through to today’s modern digital images.

Our imagery has been widely used in exhibitions, publishing, broadcasting as well as for display purposes by private individuals. Restoring your photograph will not affect the original in any way. The original image will be scanned at a high resolution and then digitally restored. A photograph can easily be restored, repaired, enhanced or cropped.

Restored images

Once the image has been digitally restored it will be provided to you on cd-rom (or a memory stick) for you to use, store or have professionally printed by a photographic outlet to a size of your choosing. If you would like to find out more about our photographic restoration service then please contact us

Our team can
  • Remove dust and scratches
  • Restore the cracked and flaky surface of a photograph
  • Repair water damaged photographs
  • Recreate missing pieces of an image
  • Remove stains, rips, creases and folds
  • Colour correct faded photographs
  • Enhance small details of an image for analysis purposes

To enable us to provide an accurate price for our restoration services, we have developed a simple grading system for our customers to allow them to estimate how much a restoration will approximately cost. Not all images can be set into any one grade and as such images with multiple damage characteristics may need to be assessed prior to pricing.

Grading of pre-restoration photographs A-B

Grade A – from £15

Simple fade corrections – Contrast adjustments – Simple dust and scratch removal – Sharpening – Cropping.

Grade B – from £24

Minor fading – Minor discolouration – Light mould or damage removal – Hair-line fissures or minor folds.

Grade C – from £35

Deep scratch marks – Facial area corrections – Multiple creases – Moderate specks of mould damage – Medium fading – Small areas missing.

Grade D – from £42

Larger areas missing or damaged – Larger areas of face or body missing – Heavy mould damage – Major rebuilding and object removing – Significant folds or tears – Heavy fading.

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