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People in the corporate world, or business owners and entrepreneurs, may be known as creative thinkers, ruthless business minds and strategic mavericks.

However, thousands in this situation also find themselves suffering burnout, or sheer boredom.

They find themselves no longer connecting to the life they wanted or wanted to live. This was David Ralph’s story just 5 years ago, when he left the corporate world and started his number 1 Podcast ‘Join Up Dots’ to seek more freedom, connection with his family and a simpler way to reach his audience.

The author

David Ralph left the corporate world where he was a Group Training Manager for Hood Group Ltd. presenting soft skills, key skills and compliance training in Banking and Insurance, and before that as a Sales and Service Manager for National Westminster Bank. He also became a popular keynote speaker in and around the city of London. His new book – ‘Podcasters Mastery: The Definitive Guide To Boosting Your Celebrity With Your Voice’. Charts his move from the Corporate world that he found was stifling him, to the Rise and Rise of his Podcast Join Up Dots and the secrets of his success.

His message is clear: “Podcasting Mastery is that ability to get that bridging of the gap, that connection with your ideal client without all the hassle that goes on behind the scenes of creating a podcast.”

Now at 48 from his back garden in Essex, he hosts his show, works less and earns more, whilst spending more time with his wife and five children.

So what is it all about?

This book, especially for the entrepreneur and those seeking freedom from the corporate world, you’ll find that one thing that will re-connect you to your audience to give you more Free Time, a Profile Explosion and More Speaking Opportunities. Podcasting expert David Ralph, guides you through the sure-fire steps that got him, in just a few years, to the number one business motivational podcaster spot on iTunes, and probably the world.

With a global reach of 5 million plus downloads in 138 countries, and an easy online audio marketing solution that doesn’t need a team, expensive equipment or even a dress code; David came from the position you might be in right now, and can prove that podcasting will leave you hand’s free, so to speak, to lead a hassle and stress-free life on your terms.

Podcasters Mastery aims to help you grow your audience and create more opportunities for yourself than you ever thought possible. As with any learnable skill, most of what you need is instruction and encouragement from someone who’s been there and done that. David Ralph is uniquely qualified to help you understand everything you need to know about online audio marketing.

“Replicating another show is the number one mistake. Absolutely. It is so beyond the number one mistake that it’s probably the hundredth mistake, it’s the thousandth, it’s the infinity mistake. People listen to other people doing a show and think they only have to replicate that to be a success. That is totally wrong.” explains the author, in the ‘Myths Mistakes and Misunderstandings to Avoid’, Chapter.

“That person has created that show by putting themselves into it. It’s become their format. I was very lucky. When I started Join Up Dots, I didn’t really listen to any other podcasts. I listened to maybe three. When I started doing it, I realised certain things that I needed to do from being a trainer in the old days. Have a big start. Have a big finish and try to keep the people interested in the middle. That’s the way that I do Join Up Dots.”

The goal of Podcasters Mastery is to help people create Podcasts that succeed, by giving simple strategies that have worked for the author.

‘Podcasters Mastery: The Definitive Guide To Boosting Your Celebrity With Your Voice’, from Hypnoarts, is available for Pre-Order now and available 17th July:

For more information and resources, visit the book’s official website:

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