200twitterlogo200 Digital is the online shop of award winning design studio twohundredby200.

twohundredby200 originally opened a online art shop through their own website with the aim of supporting and promoting creativity in the UK.

The shop, which opened for business in January 2013, sold original art, limited edition screen prints, clothing and stickers created by some of the UK’s top illustrators, designers and street artists. The shop was a success and the decision was made in June 2014 to launch the shop as a standalone entity.

Sean Makin, Creative Director of twohundredby200 said: “The shop was at first an experiment to see if we could help artists find funding by the sale of their work online and it is an experiment that has succeeded. Through the online shop and the pop-up events that we host, the artists involved have found a wider audience for their work and I can see it expanding even further for them as we add more services.”

Supporting creativity, individual artists & groups

The twohundredby200 design studio has a history of supporting creative events and artists. We have long been associated with many successful projects ranging from art exhibitions, live music events and artist-led workshops.

You can find our more about twohundredby200 at www.twohundredby200.co.uk

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