Posting Sentries Project – Helmet 2



The Posting Sentries Project

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Posting Sentries Project – Helmet 2, A truly unique piece of art.

Street Artist WD (War Department) has created a number of one-of-a-kind pieces based upon the historic ‘Tommy’ helmet.

The helmets are made of injection moulded ABS with each being sprayed painted in the main white and blue colours to make up the base of the iconic ww2 era roundal design. In the centre of each helmet WD has hand created a design inspired by his Posting Sentries Project. The design is rendered in highly pigmented red ink with accents and detail added in secondary colours.

The helmets can easily be mounted on a wall, placed on display shelf or even worn by the owner if wished. Each helmet is signed and dated by WD and also carries the official project label. A signed letter of authenticity will also be supplied with each helmet. Only 20 helmets will be produced and each will carry different centre design. Helmet 2 echoes one of the very earliest paste up designs produced by WD and is one of WD’s personal favourites.

Helmet 1 recently was sold by it’s owner for £2300 through an online auction.

Supporting the Posting Sentries Project

The profits raised from the sale of each helmet will assist WD in continuing to expand the project across the United Kingdom and perhaps even further afield.

You can find out more about WD and the Posting Sentries project by visiting