Not every business has the time to management their own social networking activities and campaigns.

Social Media Management by twohundredby200

twohundredby200 can assist you in growing and developing  your social network presence by managing your channels and platforms on your behalf.

Today the focus for customer engagement is utilising the social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to name but a few.

The most common mistake that businesses make when it comes to using social media to communicate with their customers is that they always seem to be on ‘transmit’ and do not factor in that the ‘receive’ element of the networks is equally as important.

Customer engagement is a two way street and the most successful businesses in the world  have realised this and as such social media has become key in their overall marketing strategies.

We can help…

twohundredby200 can help to improve your social media interactions with a range of different supporting services that we provide our clients and these include –

Developing a Social Media Strategy

The key to effective management of your social network presence is the development of an all encompassing social media strategy that not only serves the goals of your company online but is also one that allows for the effective and ongoing engagement of your followers.

twohundredby200 can develop and action a bespoke social management strategy for your company that brings you directly to heart of your digital audience.

Engaging Your Audience

Responding and engaging with other social media users is important to growth on the social platforms and can result in the generation of new leads simply by starting a conversation online.

The twohundredby200 team can react and respond to your followers who comment on your business page or send you a message guaranteeing that you do not miss any potential opportunities while developing your online presence and reputation.

Social Media Advertising Campaigns

Planning and implementing an effective social media advertising campaign is an integral part of our social media management services. Advertising though the likes of Facebook and instagram can really drive up engagement with existing and potential customers generating further opportunities for increased sales.

The twohundredby200 team have developed the skills that can help your company produce and deliver a targeted advertising campaign that will really work for your business.

Social Media Scheduling

Timing and consistency is essential if you wish to keep your customers engaged online through the many social network platforms. twohundredby200 has the knowledge and skills required to create a schedule that both matches the online activity of your audience and meet their expectations when engaged on a regularly basis.

Creating and Posting Content

The main task in driving your presence forward on social media is the creation and publishing of engaging content across your company’s network platforms.

twohundredby200 can create content that will attract and engage your customers in a digital conversation through the use of text, imagery or videos. We ensure that we follow the best practices and techniques permissible on each channel. Our team can produce content based on topics that appeal to your target audience and keep your company or service in view.

Social Media Audits

twohundredby200 also offer a social media auditing service to our clients. These audits take an in-depth look at the performance of your existing social media networking accounts as well as reviewing your social media strategy.

The resulting report will allow you us to provide your business with suggestions on how to maximise your social networking activities. Social media audits can be performed remotely and within a very short time frame.

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