twohundredby200 opened a online art shop with the aim of supporting and promoting creativity in the UK.

The shop, which re-opened for business in January 2013, sells original art, limited edition screen prints, clothing and stickers created by some of the UK’s top illustrators, designers and street artists.

Sean Makin, Creative Director of twohundredby200 said: “The shop was at first an experiment to see if we could help artists find funding by the sale of their work online and it is an experiment that has succeeded. Through the online shop and the pop-up events that we host, the artists involved have found a wider audience for their work and I can see it expanding even further for them as we add more services.”

Supporting creativity

The twohundredby200 design studio has a history of supporting creative events and artists. We have long been associated with many successful projects ranging from art exhibitions, live music events and artist-led workshops. We like nothing more than helping people be creative.

Supporting individual artists & groups

twohundredby200 regularly provides support to both individuals artists and creative groups in a number of different ways both online and in the physical world. From our Dunfermline based studio, we host pop-ups exhibitions & galleries, run printmaking workshops and are very active in promoting artists through our social networks and our own free creative magazine.

Working together to create great art

Our team worked with street artists WD (War Department) to bring imagery from his Posting Sentries Project indoors by creating limited edition screen prints of his work.

“When twohundredby200 approached me with the idea of selling my artwork I was on board straight away. There are very few opportunities for creatives to sell their work online in a professional and fully supported manner. The twohundredby200 team have helped with everything from sourcing paper stock through to choosing the correct type of mailing tube to use. Thanks to them I can concentrate on my Posting Sentries Project rather than the technical issues involved with retailing online.” commented street artist WD.

The funds raised by the sale of WD’s prints will help him both to progress his project as well as help to raise money for a charity very close to the artists heart. We have helped many other creatives and by working together we have helped them to create great art for others to enjoy.

Art in all it forms – film, graffiti, illustration, live music, photography, painting, screen printing, street art, writing… we love it all!

No matter the creative output, twohundredby200 supports it. It is vitally important that creatives get the support they need to grow and our team aim to help.

If you are a creative based in United Kingdom and you would like to find out if twohundredby200 can support your work, then please contact

If you have a venue / space that you think we could make use of for a pop-up event then please contact

Keeping you informed

If you would like to keep up to date with what is happening in the twohundredby200 shop then you can follow the shop’s twitter account @200ArtShop or check out our news page.




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