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Branding agency Spinach has created a new name and brand identity for leading aviation solutions provider Unilode.

The team worked with key stakeholders to develop a new values system, name and brand identity for the company.

The name Unilode was made using the first letters of ‘unit load device’, a direct reference to the essential aviation components at the heart of their business.

Commonly referred to as ULDs, these are the containers airlines use to carry luggage and cargo around the world. Unilode partners with the some of the world’s biggest airlines, including Air Canada and Cathay Pacific, to supply and maintain these ULDs.

Given the scale of the business (they own and manage approximately 100,000 ULDs for more than 40 airline customers across a global network of some 450 airports) the new name and brand identity had to work across multiple applications and territories.

After testing the name for ease of use and meanings in over 19 languages, the word ‘lode’ revealed itself to mean rich source or supply in old English. Fortuitously, the phonetic spelling of ‘lode’ also echoes words such as ‘load’ and ‘payload’ which form part of the aviation industry’s lingua franca.

Spinach creative director Adam Thomas: “We wanted everything – the name and identity – to be completely unique to them and tie back to their core business and the values we created. We constructed the picture mark using strong modular elements to reflect the robustness of an airworthy container. The geometric ‘wing’ shape they combine to create symbolises upward movement and flight and the cut-away references the characteristic shape of the ULD.”

Director of branding at Spinach, Leigh Banks: “The biggest challenge, yet the most rewarding achievement has been creating a brand identity that connects with the diverse needs of Unilode’s global customer base, whilst remaining true to their brand values and positioning.”

Spinach will oversee the brand’s global roll-out over the coming months providing full usage guidelines and support to staff in all major international hubs. The team will also join Unilode for the official unveiling of the brand at the upcoming IATA World Cargo Symposium in Abu Dhabi in March.

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